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There are people who love to use grills and griddles over frying pans. Iron grills are the perfect cookware for these people. Grilling is actually a very famous and common way of cooking in the US. Consumers that are planning to buy a cast iron grill should choose what type of grill to pick among a wide variety of choices. One of the most important things to ask is where the grill will be used. There are two types of cast iron grills and they are indoor grills and outdoor grills. For those consumers who are unable to cook on an open flame outside the house, indoor grills would be fantastic. This type of grill is suitable for those who live in an apartment or a condominium unit in a high rise building. Users can also cook on these grill if the weather outside does not permit outdoor cooking.

Cast Iron Grill

Most indoor grills are heated by the stovetop but there are also electric types that are able to generate heat through electricity. There are also indoor grills that can be folded so that the two surfaces of the food will be seared at the same time. Another type of a cast iron grill griddle is the outdoor type. The outdoor types are what the public refer to as the true grills since grilling are ought to be done outside of the house in an open flame.

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Cast Iron Grill

The flames used during outdoor grilling utilize propane or natural gas. Propane is the most common among the two and some families have a connecting line from their kitchen tanks to a specific line for outdoor grilling. There are also outdoor grills that are made for portable use and they are very popular during camping trips and outdoor pool parties.

Lodge Cast Iron Grill

Lodge Cast Iron GrillOne of the more popular brands that manufacture excellent cast iron cooking and kitchenware is Lodge. Lodge offers great cast iron grills to its consumers. Its price is not that far from what you would pay for a good and quality blender plus it has wonderful features which makes it an excellent grill. Lodge has used cast iron in their grills because cast iron is very durable and it is also excellent in terms of heat conduction. It is also able to retain heat on the metal longer especially when cooking on it. A Lodge cast iron grill offers a reversible feature where both surfaces can be grilled at.

It also has a slight slope at a very minimal angle just enough to let the grease flow slowly. This slope also allows for easy cleanup when the grilling is over. Both sides are capable of grilling but one side is smooth while the other side has ridges. The ridged side will be perfect for grilling and searing sausages, steaks and burgers while the smooth side is perfect for eggs and grilled sandwiches.

Cast Iron Grill Griddle

Cabela's Outfitter Series Cast Iron Griddle is another affordable iron grill that consumers can choose. This easily transportable piece of cookware is ready to use right off the box and can be used in an open flame or on top of a gas stove. This griddle is also reversible with a smooth side and a ridged side. Charcoal Hibachi Cast Iron Barbecue Grill is another favorite of consumers. This cast iron grill is among the cheapest among its kind but one of the most durable as well.

This grill features adjustable grates that can be positioned carefully to prevent food from falling off during the grilling process. It also has great looking wood handles which allows the person to maneuver and carry the grill around even if it is still hot. This is commonly used as an outdoor grill and is a wonderful cookware during picnics and pool parties.

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