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Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Buying Guide

Enameled Cast Iron CookwareSince there are now more people who value their health and give importance to preparing healthy dishes, new and improved cookware sets have been made to cater to the needs of the people.

According to extensive research done by experts, regular aluminum pans and cookware are seen to leak out dangerous chemicals to the food which may potentially harm the body. Enamel cast iron cookware has an enamel finish that has been baked over the iron cast to prevent metals from leaking out to the food.

Before we continue showing you why enameled cast iron is a safe cookware to use for all your food, if you just want to see the best enameled cast iron cookware, please use the link below to find some of the best offers by Lodge, Le Creuset and Staub - brands that we trust and believe that have the best products for our readers:


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A sturdy and durable finish!

The enamel finish is actually very durable and also does not scratch very easily. It prevents the metal from rusting. Professional chefs and cooks would say that using enameled cookware actually reduces the need for too much seasoning which means the food is healthier with lesser amounts of sodium. When choosing an enameled cast iron set, consumers should go for the tested and popular brands so that the quality of the enamel is at its best and consumers get the best enameled cast iron cookware for sale online.

The best enameled cookware in the market today is the Le Creuset Cookware Set. Although this cookware set is quite expensive, it is definitely worth every penny. It is considered the top- of- the- line when it comes to healthy cookware and it is being used by a lot of professional chefs all over the country. It is heavier than most enamel coated cast iron but this actually adds to its advantages because it is sturdier. The enamel coating helps in distributing the heat effectively and prevents any hot spots on the bottom of the pan. Food will be cooked evenly and it is guaranteed to be healthy too.

Le Creuset enamel cast iron cookware

The Le Creuset enamel coated cast iron cookware line will be able to withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (way less than what a japanese rice cooker uses which usually cooks its rice around 65° C.) The enamel coating does not also easily chip because of the way it has been made. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, these pots can easily be used for cooking and serving as well. For a consumer’s convenience, a separate Le Creuset enameled cast iron Dutch oven can be purchased separately instead of buying a whole set.
Lodge is another brand that offers cast iron cookware sets too. With over a century of presence in this business, Lodge products are definitely tested to be very durable. One of their cast iron cookware lines called Lodge Enamel features great pieces of enamel coated cast iron cookware pieces. With the durability backed up with design, style and color, consumers will surely love using these pieces in their kitchens.

Different brand choices

The manufacturing of these pieces are also very well engineered that Lodge claims to have chip proof enamel coating on all of their items. Aside from cooking over live fire, the pots can also be placed inside the refrigerator, chiller or freezer for storing leftover food items. The maximum temperature it can hold is 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Staub Cookware is also a popular brand among consumers. Staub offers great quality pots and dutch ovens at a reasonable price. One of the things that consumers really love about Staub Enameled cast iron pots is the enamel coating itself. It is known to be very durable. The lid also fits the pot very well and flavors of the food are very well infused. Cleaning these enamel coated cats iron pots is also very easy as food will not stick to the cooking surface of the pots. Heat is evenly distributed for a more effective and easy cooking experience. The knobs of their lids are also made of nickel or brass which can withstand extreme temperatures when placed inside the oven.