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Iwachu Cast Iron Rice Cooker Review

Japanese Iwachu 410718 Gohan Nabe Iron Rice CookerAnyone who wants to be truly authentic with their Japanese cooking should have a look at the Japanese Iwachu Gohan Nabe iron rice cooker 410718. The very word Gohan translates to cooked rice. Some people might be more familiar with the anime character Son Gohan. Fans should note that Toryiama Akira-sensei often used puns based around food for his characters. This rice cooker might very well be a nice way to celebrate that fact.


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The features of the authentic Japanese Nabe vessel include:

  • A wide edge to catch water boiling over the side.
  • A high heat and steam design to produce an okoge crusty layer with fluffy rice.
  • Options to cook with or without oil.
  • The ability to hold 2.3 cups or 3 go.
  • A generous 9 1/2" x 6" basin.

How an Iron Cooking Pot Prepares Great Rice

Small bumps on the inner surface of the lid of the rice cooking pot evenly distribute the condensation. This keeps the rice moist during cooking, and is quite vital when making authentic Japanese cuisine. Ensuring that the nabe pot is cleaned each time before use is best, but it is actually quite easy to sanitize it with hot water.

While one should never expose it to salt or leave it with standing water inside of the basin, this iron Japanese rice cooker should prove to be extremely durable. Durability is important when making rice, and the sturdy design will be able to hold up to most cooking activities.

How to Buy an Iwachu Cast Iron Rice Pot

The Iwachu Gohan is currently being sold on As one might expect from an iron pot like this, it was actually made in Japan. This means that customers can be sure that it will fit the bill when making Japanese cooking. That being said, it is not a beginner's toy. The Iwachu rice pot would be at home in the back kitchen of a fine Japanese restaurant.

For that matter, customers who have enjoyed other iron cooking devices should love this model. Iron pans and serving dishes are all equally as durable when purchased from a reputable dealer who imports them from the finest of Japanese workshops. Regardless of whether one lives in Shibuya, Akihabara or on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, the Iwachu rice basin will bring home the taste of the Land of the Rising Sun.

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